Kent College, what have you been up to?

WOW, What a great winter we are having: snow, snow and more snow.

Normally, you have to wait until the first day of your course to meet the staff, but this year, the staff decided they couldn’t wait. So to bring a little cheer to the deep midwinter, we thought it would be great to drop by and see what is happening while the Kent College crew count down the days till #TheWowStrikesBack, and see just what they get up to during their well-earned holiday periods.

Don has taken up Igloo building and ice fishing in an attempt to find a reason to like the winter. Sadly, the cold wastelands of Europe are no substitute for the joys of Kent College during the summer, so he has returned to his favourite winter activity of watching exercise videos and jogging to keep fit.


Jonny Moved to Kent to be closer to Pilgrims, and now works just down the road from Kent College. In addition to the change of location, Jonny has been setting up a new band, which he hopes will take him to global music superstardom, so look out for his new music project sometime soon.


James has returned to Uruguay to continue his search for his roots, and the perfect Yerba Mate. Because of the remote nature of his mountain retreat it is only possible to contact him by traditional means of communication. His most recent smoke signals indicate that he is preparing to strike camp and prepare for the long row back across the Atlantic to be with us in time for the summer.


Striving for perfection, Lynsey has entered into a PGCE course, which means she will be an even better teacher than before – if such a thing is even remotely possible. In addition, apart from hibernating she has been dreaming of playing in the snow. However, nothing will satisfy the sense of anticipation which she has about spending another summer with us at KC.


Dan went back to Spain to avoid the traumas of the English winter, which promptly followed him. Because of the unseasonal weather conditions, he has been forced into binge-watching series on Netflix while he waits to be back in the glorious green of summer deep in the English countryside.


Zee continues her studies at the University of Twickenham (no surprises what her major is), which gives her ample free time to devote to her real passion, which is rugby. Indeed, we know she has recently fulfilled her dream of playing in the forwards and is looking forward to imparting her newly gained experiences with us on the pitch during the summer.


Like Dan, Magda returned to Spain to get away from the horrors of an English winter. In order to find a distraction to fill the time before her return to KC, Magda has decided to win Masterchef, so in preparation she is travelling around the world searching for inspirational recipes – if you are in Thailand please look out for her towards the end of March (secretly, we think she is just off to catch the sun!!!).


Jenna returns to us having taken a sabbatical last year. She is currently involved in a number of local community projects to provide assistance to those who cannot cope with the snow on their own. In her free time, Jenna has embarked upon a project to produce the greatest ever Vegan book of recipes – which she can’t wait to share with us during the summer.


Raul has been studying hard to become a Cardiologist, so that he will be able to mend all of the hearts he breaks. In addition, he continues to be enviously good at everything he does and has taken up macramé to ease the boredom of the long winter nights.


Natti following in the steps of her hero, Stephen Spielberg, she has enrolled in film school in the hope of avoiding a real job at some point in the future. She has also taken on the role of making music videos for Boy Bands and documentaries about pizza – she is trying to find out the effects of eating a pizza-only diet in honour of the American film “Supersize Me”. Besides this, Natti has decided that she is going to become a stand-up comedian -so look out for her amazing jokes …


And on that bombshell, here’s a joke of the day to finish on:

Q – What’s an Ig?

A – An Eskimo’s house with no toilet!

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