Inspiring project by Pilgrims people: Al Agua

At Pilgrims, we believe in coaching our teachers to challenge our students in order to build their confidence. It is our fundamental belief that our students have unlimited potential, allowing them to be whatever they want to be in the future.

It is wonderful when members of our Pilgrims family take this motto and apply it outside the walls that are our summer courses and that’s exactly what our staff members, Camila Frost & Luke Munro, have done with Al Agua.

Al Agua is a 100% volunteer surf club that inspires children to break the cycle of poverty through inspiration, education and leadership programs.

Al Agua_4

After seeing the effects of poverty on children in South America, Camila Frost and Luke Munro started a free surf club to give disadvantaged children an opportunity they would not normally have. As the club continued to grow in popularity, it was the difference in the children themselves that caught everyone’s attention. Children who had been insecure and nervous were suddenly awakening a drive in themselves to overcome challenges in the water, children who had been scared and anxious to say a few words were turning up with a big smile and children who had been isolated and lonely were now helping the younger ones and being looked up to as role models.

Al Agua_2

Check some testimonials below:

Al Agua_5

It was then that they realised that this was not just a chance to provide children with a safe environment and teach them how to surf, but that there was a life-changing opportunity to give them the skills to break the cycle of poverty. And so, it was inspiration from the children, combined with our belief in a better future for them, which led to the creation of Al Agua.

Al Agua is changing lives in South America through the generosity of people from all over the world and now you can help them by donating to their cause.

Donate to Al Agua

Pilgrims has already donated enough money to put 17 children on an Al Agua’s course for over a year. It’s your turn now to make a difference.

If you want to keep up with Al Agua, you can Like their Facebook Page ( or Follow them on Instagram (

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