“The WOW is everywhere”

The WOW is not just a word, not just a shape we make with our hands or bodies, it is as feeling. At Pilgrims, the WOW runs through the whole course. It is that something special that you cannot explain, you can only feel.

We make learning English an enjoyable and positive experience, our students fall in love with the language and reinforce and find their drive to learn through this new found relationship with their English. That is the WOW.


Our staff that return year after year, who share our educational philosophy and drive. They are the WOW.


Our amazing students many that return year after year, the smiling faces in our meetings, classes and activities. They are the WOW.


Our excursions, educational and exciting, showing students a side to England they have never seen before. That is the WOW.


Our team games and activities, that encourage our students to make International friends, to build their confidence and to learn language through fun. That is the WOW.


The feelings that you have when you leave, the friends you have made during your time with us and the smile you will see in your photos. They are the WOW.


The WOW is everywhere, come and find it with us in Summer 2017 at Pilgrims Children & Teenagers.

Don’t hesitate to contact us ( for any questions or doubts about Pilgrims. Follow us on our social networks to be updated on all things Pilgrims!

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