Once upon a time, there was an English Summer School…

“We have had the opportunity to contribute to thousands of lives over the years”

45 years ago, Mario Rinvolucri (left) and James Dixey (right) saw that often there was too much focus on workbooks and method. They felt, as we still do, that the focus should be firmly on the learner.

This pedagogic philosophy now known as the ‘Humanistic Approach’ is celebrated the world over. It has inspired thousands of people, from business professionals to our Young Learners and continues to do so today. In fact, there have been over 50 books published on the subject and it continues to inspire and guide teachers worldwide.

Pilgrims, as we know it now, started in 1998 with the appointment of Mr Gary Luke. His vision of Pilgrims as a place that develops students, not only in the classroom and with their English, but, also as young people, building their confidence and social skills through a dynamic and individual programme.


The Pilgrims ethos is – Pilgrims does not teach a language but teaches people.

Our experienced and loyal staff return time and again to continue spreading the ideas and values of Pilgrims. Their belief and commitment to Pilgrims are one of the reasons we have had the opportunity to contribute to thousands of lives over the years.


Even now we are receiving bookings from parents who attended our courses in the 1980’s and 1990’s, who all have a positive memory of their time with us and wish their child to experience our unique and exciting courses.

This is a bit of our history, would you like to become part of it?

So, join us this 2017 at Pilgrims Children & Teenagers for a summer of Fun, Making International Friends and Learning English.

Don’t hesitate to contact us (younglearners@pilgrims.co.uk) for any questions or doubts about Pilgrims. Follow us on our social networks to be updated on all things Pilgrims!

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