Meet the HQ of Pilgrims

“You are never too young to start learning English”

Most of you probably already know these faces but it’s always good to give a quick heads up on who is behind the scenes of all this summer wowness.

Let us introduce you today to the team working all year to make Pilgrims happen every single summer

GARY LUKE – Principal

The inspiration behind Pilgrims Children & Teenagers since 1998and in other words, the Master of Ceremonies in a way.


LEAH LUKE – Head of Recruitment

Ever wondered who picks the amazing staff you find in our centres every summer? Well, she is the one to blame for such outstanding people running the courses.


DAN PURCELL – Client Services Manager

Have an enquiry, doubt or simply want to know something about Pilgrims? Dan is your man.


EDUARD PERISE – Marketing Executive

If you want to make him happy, like, retweet and share all what you see on our social media! (Do not blame him if there’s a lack of originality with the hashtags, he does his best #hashtag).


And that’s everyone… Wait… Hold on…


Meet Oliver & Jackson! – our new office juniors.


Dan, our Client Services Manager, and his lovely wife Amy (you might have met her this last summer at the airports) welcomed the twins to this world on September 27th. They have been very busy practising their English, making new International friends and of course having lots of fun!

Oliver and Jackson go to show that you are never too young to start learning English!

Don’t hesitate to contact us ( for any questions or doubts about Pilgrims. Follow us on our social networks to be updated on all things Pilgrims!

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