“The WOW factor is the essential part of our courses”

If there’s something we are proud of is what we call “the WOW factor. If you’ve never been part of a Pilgrims course, this will definitely sound strange or you’ll thing “Is that some kind of X Factor Simon Cowell is looking for in people?”

As our ethos says: Pilgrims does not teach a language but teaches people. In order to do that, we’ve created the WOW. What is the WOW then? Basically, it’s everything. It’s the way we say Hello, it’s how amazing our activities are, it’s how useful our English lessons are… The WOW factor is the essential part of our courses.

This is the reason because this year’s slogan is #thewowisback – This summer 2016 the WOW will be back to our lives during the courses at Bradfield, Harrow, Malvern & Kent. Check out our promos with this wow-tastic slogan:

Don’t hesitate contacting us (younglearners@pilgrims.co.uk) for any questions or doubts about Pilgrims. Follow us on our social networks to be updated on all things Pilgrims and remember that this summer #thewowisback

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