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“Pilgrims is probably the greatest experience you’ll ever have”

Who better than our own former students to talk about our courses? Take a look at the thoughts of 4 students: all of them from different countries, ages and courses attended at Pilgrims.

Being a student at Harrow School for three years has been one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had in my life. Wide grasslands and beautiful green hills together with typical London-style buildings perfectly surround the school and all its facilities: from the big sports centre to the vast playing fields.

At Harrow I had the opportunity to meet such wonderful people from all over the world. We lived all together for three weeks and it was hard to say goodbye at the end of it. We shared wonderful moments and made memories that surely will last forever.

Graziana Masiello (Italy)
Former Student at Harrow School

The first time I went on a Pilgrims course, I was very scared as it was something new for me. I remember the first words of my course director: “You may not know anyone in this room right now but in two weeks, they’ll be your friends”. I must say those people not only became my friends but also my family.

The Pilgrims experience is something that I wouldn’t change for anything. It made me a better and happier person and doing it in a beautiful environment such as Bradfield just made it even better.

Theodosis Christodoulidis (Greece)
Former Student at Bradfield College

When I was 17 I came to Malvern as a student. I had an amazing time and immediately fell in love with all those lovely people and the beautiful green hills. When I was too old to come back, I joined the staff team. Being able to come back to Malvern for two more times has made me incredibly happy.

With its beautiful college grounds and a fantastic view at the top of the hill you really get that magical vibe that almost makes you believe you finally made it to Hogwarts. I could not be more excited to do it all over again this summer!!

Jara Leekart (Austria)
Former Student & Programme Staff at Malvern College

Pilgrims has been a part of my life for so many years. I keep coming back because the staff are exceptionally good. The activities are absolutely brilliant as well and so are all the Pilgrims students.

My English has improved so much thanks to Pilgrims! It’s insane how much you learn during only a couple of weeks. The school that I go to every year is Kent College but I’ve also visited other schools and all of them are amazing! Going to Pilgrims is probably the greatest experience you’ll ever have and it changes you in the best possible way.

Natasza Parzymies (Poland)
Former Student at Kent College

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