Happy New Year from Pilgrims!

WOW- what a year we have had, some may even say the best year yet! This year was full of new faces, old faces and lots and lots of Pilgrims fun! From us all at the Pilgrims headquarters we would like to say a massive thank you to those who made 2015 an unforgettable year. Whether you joined us in the UK this summer, met with us at a reunion or just got in touch to say hello- our loving Pilgrims community makes each year as special as the last. 2015 will be a hard one to beat but lets hold on to those memories forever and look forward to what 2016 has to offer- we feel its going to be another MEGA-WOW year!

Team Pic 2016

2016 means we are one step closer to another amazing Pilgrims summer, are you as excited as we are? Here’s just a few things Pilgrims has in store for 2016…

Friendship- each summer Pilgrims brings together hundreds of people from all over the world! We learn together, we laugh together and we leave as a family. The people we meet become friends for life!

Experiences- whether or not you have been to England before, a Pilgrims summer is a time for great experiences! This may be punting in Oxford, taking in the History of the Capital or living with someone from another country. Pilgrims is full of exciting new adventures for new and returning students!

Success-  English language is not the only thing students develop on a Pilgrims course. We discover hidden talents, understand new cultures and confront certain fears. Pilgrims motivates and inspires all to succeed!

Thanks again for a great year Pilgrimers- bring on 2016! Lots of Pilgrims love from Gary, Leah and Hayley



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