Reflections on a Successful Summer


As the cold winter months slowly close in on us it makes it even harder to let go of the fantastic summer we just had. Some may even say it was the best Pilgrims summer yet? It was full of meeting new friends and reconnecting with old ones, challenging ourselves with exciting activities and discovering new skills, and of course- making memories that last a lifetime!

We find that looking back on our favourite Pilgrims memories always brings a bit of sunshine to our day. Nastya who joined us at Bradfield College this summer shares with us what made her summer such a WOW…

My name is Nastya, I’m from Russia and I’m 17 years old. This summer I went to Bradfield College for 2 weeks. It was my first time at Pilgrims and the last one. It was my last summer as a child but the time I spent there was the best in my life! I’ve been to different summer camps, about 5 times… But you know, I really regret that I didn’t find Pilgrims earlier. One of the staff on the last day of the first course said :” Trying to explain Pilgrims to somebody who hasn’t been there is like trying to explain how colour looks to someone that is colour-blind It’s impossible..”  And I think it’s the best way to describe Pilgrims. Everything was perfect: lessons, food, accommodation, trips, evening activities, morning meetings and etc. Everything was special. At Pilgrims you’ll find people who’ll become your brothers and sisters, not only children but staff too. All the staff were fabulous! The love that happens in Pilgrims course is probably the most beautiful thing in the world! If only I had a chance to go there again, I would do it without thinking!!

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