Summer is coming…


Do you know how many days until the most memorable summer of a lifetime begins?  Check our countdown, not long now! So, if you haven’t signed up for your favourite English language summer course, you will be missing out on an unforgettable chance to experience the most affective way to learn English. You wouldn’t believe that it is so simple; all you have to do is have outrageous amounts of fun through Pilgrims activities while making friends from all over the world. Oh! And one more thing, speak lots of English!

Don’t take my word for it though, Joe Mesmar, a previous Pilgrimer said, during ‘[his] days at Pilgrims, the activities were awesome; the courses are amazing, and fun! I met so many open-minded people. I wish I could go back actually, but I don’t think they would take care of A 22 year old.’

The time that you spend at Pilgrims will always be cherished. Once you are part of the Pilgrims family you will be forever. The experiences that you share with new friends are unique and long lasting. Joe also mentioned that ‘I strongly miss everyone I met there and we still talk to keep connections between us.’ Joe attended a Pilgrims course at Harrow School and he acquired the skills necessary to realise his dream and become successful.

Harrow School is our school that is set in London!! Winston Churchill attended that school and his English was so perfect he became Prime Minister. Pilgrims is the perfect English Language Course that mixes fantastic fun, friendships of a lifetime and gaining incredible self confidence. We have courses at the prestigious Bradfield College, breath taking Malvern College, and serene Kent College, Pembury. Pilgrims Language courses have over 30 different nationalities of students. Last year Pilgrims courses had 39 different nationalities. We think it is very important that students practice their English with other International students. Our courses run for two weeks and three weeks at a time. Every year we have over 40% returning students, coming back for more English and Energetic Fun. We also have over 40% returning staff who love Pilgrims as much as the students do.

So if you want to learn English in the best possible environment and make friends and memories that will be with you forever then head to our website and scroll down the page and click: Book this course now! 


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