The Pilgrims Experience

Never been to a Pilgrims summer course? Well you don’t know what you’re missing! Our English Language programs are uniquely designed for students to learn through activities that boost individual confidence and give each person the skills necessary to succeed. Our students come from all corners of the world and instantly become a part of an international family that creates friendships that last a lifetime. No one ever forgets their time at Pilgrims because it’s just so much fun. Here’s an insiders view on their time spent at Pilgrims.


‘I am Maria, I am 16 and last summer I stayed at Harrow for 3 weeks, and I can say it was the best period of my life so far. When I left Italy I could not expect how much I would have loved being there with new people, new places to discover and new things to do. Everything was new, it was my first pilgrims experience. Right now I know that I’ll be coming back next summer, and I’ve already started counting down the days which separate me from another amazing experience. I am looking forward to meet people from all around the world, new cultures and do it once more, even if, during the last days, I am pretty sure I will cry so much like last year. We called it “post pilgrims depression”, because when you go back home you miss everything. Your international family, your amazing roomie, your life there and you just hope that all the new friendships will remain strong despite the distance. Harrow 2013 has given me one of these friendships, and I’m so glad for this. When I think of those 3 weeks, I usually cry a bit because I miss everything and I wish I could go back there with that big family. I hope to see some of the same people again next summer, staff members too because they have been wonderful and I’m sure I will have another WOOOW summer!’

Maria Regina, Italy

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