Happy New Year

WOW!! it’s 2014… Happy New Year!

When better for you to meet the people behind those yellow polo shirts. You may be thinking of your favourite Pilgrims teacher. The one who made you laugh the hardest, who helped you through something difficult, who taught you something new, or made you feel better when you were under the weather.  However, this team is the group of people who bring the best teachers together at the most inspiring schools in England to ensure that every Pilgrims course is filled with fun. Enabling each student to make international friends for life and speak English with confidence.


The Pilgrims Young Learners team work all year round to create a perfectly run summer program in four exceptional schools surrounded by breath taking English scenery.  There’s good at life Gary, the lovely Leah, marvellous Marina and never say never Nick. We are not many but, as the ancient Greek playwright Aeschylus observed, ‘from a small seed a mighty trunk may grow’. Mighty we are and mighty is what our students become after learning under our pilgrims branches during the energising summer. We provide the opportunities and surroundings necessary for increased development not only as an English speaker, but as individuals. 100% of our time and effort goes into ensuring that the summer will be remembered forever.

Speaking of summer, I cannot believe that it has been six months since we were together at the disco or got all dressed up for casino night. When was the last time you made a WOW or a Mega Wow? Tell us how much you miss Pilgrims on our Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/PilgrimsYoungLearners) or Twitter (https://twitter.com/WOW_Pilgrims).  We want to know; What do you miss the most? Is it cocoa time or mission impossible? Perhaps It’s sports day or the ultimate challenge night? We miss it all and Pilgrims misses you!!

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