Never forget!

Are you forgetting your English? How are you going to keep your skills in check until your 2013 summer trip to Pilgrims? We know two words that will help you:

Consistent practice

The “secret” (no surprise!) is simply using the English language so it is always fresh in your mind.

It’s easy to come up with excuses why that’s not possible, but the truth is you can always find some way. Here are a few of our ideas:

  • Keep in touch with your foreign friends by chatting to them on Facebook or writing daily emails.
  • Ask you parents and your teachers to help you find natives to meet in person or talk to on Skype.
  • Be friendlier with tourists!
  • Join clubs where there are opportunities to use the English language.
  • Read the newspaper in English.
  • Watch TV or movies in English.

No matter how long you’ve spent learning a language, it doesn’t mean you  have it forever; use it or lose it!

If you have other tips for keeping up with your English during the year then we’d love you to share them with us!

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