Summer reflection

Another sensational student tells us what created their summer of WOW…

My name is Paloma I’m from Spain and I’m 16 years old.. I was in Harrow this year for 3 weeks in July. This was my fifth course and the fourth time I have been to Harrow – I like the place and the school because it is near to London…

How I enjoy my lessons always depends on the teacher, but usually with Pilgrims they are great as the teachers of these classes are not boring as at school at home and we usually do games, and have different topics to speak about, so it´s interesting.

My favourite activities were probably basketball and dodgball. I really love sports. I  can’t choose one favourite evening activity, but my favourite activities are challenge night, bowling and BBQ.

For me the most memorable WOW moments of my Pilgrims summer were the first day and the last day, because the first day you are alone, you don’t have friends yet and everything is starting, but the last day you think about the time that you have passed, your friends, your teachers, your memories… everyone is so sad.. and you don’t want to finish it… in that moments you know what are you going to miss – it’s the people.  My best friends were from Portugal, Denmark and Spain, and I stay in touch with them.

I don’t have an idea exactly what I want to do in the future,  I just know that English is one of the most important thing to get work in the future, and more if you want to work or travel around the world.

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