The cost of Living

In 2012 Tokyo is the most expensive city in the world to live in and Luanda in Angola, Osaka in Japan, Moscow and Geneva are all within the top five most expensive. Singapore, Zurich, N’Djamena in Chad and Hong Kong are also high up on the list.

The cost of living in different countries around the world is compared by looking at the cost of housing, food, transport and entertainment amongst other things.

We’re interested to know the difference in the cost of things between the countries that our Young Learners come from and need your help to create our own comparison of the cost of things that you spend your (or your parents money!) money on in your country.

Please tell us the name of the place you live – don’t forget the country! – the cost of a cinema ticket for a student, the price of a single journey on the bus,  the cost of a swim in your local pool, the cost of one banana, and last of all – the price of a cup of cocoa (!)

Please post your answers here, or send your replies to

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