What our students say…

My name is Camilla, I am from Denmark and I am 16 years old. This year I went to Harrow on-the-hill and I was on the first course of the summer – in July. This summer was my second Pilgrims course. My first course was in 2010.

I  have only been to Harrow on-the-hill and I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else. It is amazing and very beautiful!

I loved my Pilgrims lessons – both years. It is very exciting and different to have that kind of lessons. I expected it to be strict and boring grammar lessons, but it was nothing like that! It was a lot of fun and there was a lot of games to get us speaking English as much as possible.

My favourite afternoon activity was  yoga. I loved it because it was very different from any sport I have ever tried and I liked that we could relax a little bit from the hectic, but amazing life at Pilgrims. My favourite evening activity was challenge night! Because it is an evening full of weird games, where you get really messy and dirty and where you can go crazy with all of your new friends is just WOW!

The  most memorable  WOW moment of my Pilgrims Summer was at the “Pilgrims’ Got Talent” show where my closest friends and I performed our special talent: a human pyramid. That was the funniest moment and the most memorable moment of the summer for me.

I made a lot of international friends this summer and I miss them so much. My closest friends were my small group of girls. Paloma, Rita, Sofia, Isa and Malena. We just hit it off right away – it was like we were made for each other! I have already booked a flight ticket to go to Portugal in October. Here I will meet up with my lovely girls – Paloma, Rita and Sofia. I can’t wait.

I would like a career in furniture and interior design and London is a fantastic place to study exactly that. So I think my English will definitely help me in the future because I am now more confident and better at speaking English.

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