Food for thought


This summer, our Pilgrims Young Learners students munched and slurped their way through a delicious selection of meals – from the quintessentially English roast dinner with veggies and Yorkshire puddings, to shepherds’ pie (minced lamb topped with mashed potato) and traditional fish, chips and mushy peas. Thanks to the summer sunshine there were also several great British barbecues and of course some sweet favourites like sticky toffee pudding and fruit crumble with custard.

We’re interested to know what your school dinners look like where you are. Our students always tell us how different English food is compared to what they have at home, so we thought we’d ask you to tell us, or even show us what’s being served up on your school dinner tables around the world?
We did some research and have been amazed and impressed to discover that it’s the law in Italy for schools to serve organic food for their students and in South Korea any kind of junk food advertising aimed at kids has been banned.
Post a picture on the Pilgrims Young Learners facebook page – here or send us a picture (like the one above of my lunch – a traditional English ‘ploughmans’) to 
We’ll show the results in the couple of weeks!

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