WOW! 2012….


Pilgrims could have hosted their own Olympics this summer (and some of our sites did!) with the number of nationalities we had on our courses this year!

As London welcomed athletes from around the world to compete in the 2012 Olympic Games, Pilgrims welcomed students from over 30 different countries. Students from Brasil to Belarus, Greece to Germany and Portugal to Poland – to name but a few – came together across the Pilgrims centres to make new friends, participate in new activities and of course to speak plenty of English! We could write volumes about the amazing activities, our fabulous staff and our superb students, but as the English saying goes – some things are better straight from the horse’s mouth, so we’ve asked 3 of our sensational students to tell us what create their summer of WOW.

Hi my name is Erica Basilio, I’m from Angola (Africa) and I’m 13. This year I went to Pilgrims at Harrow-on-the-Hill and I was there in August for 3 weeks. I’ve taken 3- 4 courses 4- Harrow, because I like the structure of the school and the location. (is not too close from the city so we don’t hear a lot of traffic noises)

 I really enjoyed my lessons at Pilgrims, they were very fun and not very tiring and we can learn a lot, and our teachers are always cool.

 My favourite activity was mug Painting because i’m not that sporty and I can make something that remembers me of Pilgrims.

 My favourite activity? Hum, that’s hard. I have to choose two – Challenge Day and DISCO. Challenge Day because we can all get messy and dirty, win points for our teams and have fun, And DISCO because it’s totally the contrary. We all use our best shiny clothes to dance for 3 hours with non-stopping music.

 The most memorable WOW moments of my Pilgrims summer were meeting  new people, making new friends and hanging with old friends from other years.  I was probably friends with everybody. From Russia, Spain, Japan, Turkey, France, Portugal… I have a way to contact all of them (phone,facebook,skype…)

 In the future I want to be a neurologist and I want to study in Oxford or Cambridge University, so clearly I need to learn English to enter these big universities.

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