Celebrating our first two weeks of WOW at University of Kent

Two weeks ago our talented teachers Andy, Luke, Mikey and Gabi welcomed 15 students from Portugal, Italy, Russia, Poland and Sweden to The University of Kent in beautiful Canterbury.

Using a sports theme, in honour of the Olympics 2012, the students were divided into two teams and devised their (rather peculiar!) team names – The Heroic Chicken Runners and The Rollin’ Balls.

Strange names did not get in the way of some great competitive spirit.  Challenge Afternoon was challenged from the start by the weather, which added an extra slippery surprise to the action. (Students whose hair still smells of marmite have Gabi to thank and Andy would like to remind you all that marmite really should only be put on your toast.)

Extra team points were awarded throughout the course for speaking English, guessing the phrase of the day in the morning meeting, being on time, and for creativity and skill in the evening activities – such as the Fashion Show and Casino night. Rollin’ Balls certainly got lucky at Casino night – winning 750 team points and dancing to victory in the team points competition overall. Madelina also won a trip to the Gulbenkian Theatre for lunch – with the lucky Francesca as her guest.

Rollin Balls may have cleared the tables at Casino night but The Heroic Chicken runners had other talents. Team member Ursula picked up points for her very glamourous performance on the cat walk during Fashion Show and for the creative efforts of her team who designed her unique outfit.

As the English saying goes – “The show may not be over until the fat lady sings”, but no Pilgrims course is complete without recognising a Mr and a Miss Pilgrims – two students who showed outstanding efforts throughout their Pilgrims experience – speaking English, making international friends, helping their teachers, having fun and trying new things. Francesca Mottola di Amato was congratulated as Miss Pilgrims and Joao Afonso as Mr Pilgrims.

Sunday was a busy day for staff and students: Long hugs and tearful departures, powernaps for the staff and the start of the second course with a group of 55 students.

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