Thanksgiving – a time to offer thanks

The First Thanksgiving - The Pilgrims

The first time you saw the name Pilgrims, it caught your eye, admit it. An unusual name for a language school that had no relation to the English language; or so you thought! Tomorrow, today or yesterday depending on when you are reading this, and every year, on the last Thursday of November, Americans celebrate Thanksgiving.

Though Spanish settlers conducted the first thanksgiving celebration in the 16th century, the modern annual celebration started with the early settlers who landed on the east coast ofAmerica in 1621. The name associated with those settlers? Pilgrims.  

The Pilgrims, and many European settlers like them, brought their traditions of thanks for a good harvest with them and duly held a harvest feast after a successful growing season in 1621. This was made an annual affair from the 1660’s by civil leaders across America, bringing together families and communities with sport, food and many other celebratory parades.

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