Meet the Team

From Left: Max, Leah, Gary and Sean

Meet Gary, Leah, Sean and Max, your year round Pilgrims team. With such a fantastic summer over, all that is left to do now is pack up the boxes for another year, but with summer 2012 in their sights, next year is sure to be even better than 2011.

So Gary and Leah will be returning to the Pilgrims Caribbean HQ from October. After a quick excursion to the other side of the world during October Max will be your main contact for bookings, brochures and anything Pilgrims related. However, don’t forget to contact the big boss, Sean, with any questions you have before November and throughout the winter.

As Director of Training and source of all things WOW! Gary is a maverick, one in a million, a corporate rebel; Gary is Pilgrims and Pilgrims is Gary! But let us not forget that behind every great man, there is a great woman. We all know that Leah’s divine intervention makes the Pilgrims summer what it is.

Back at the Pilgrims Oxford HQ, Sean and Max will be working hard planning for 2012 so that everything will be ready to welcome all our great students back next year

So take advantage of the next few months to continue the Pilgrims message; more fun, more friends, more English!

2 thoughts on “Meet the Team

  1. Thanks for letting us know about the great Pilgrims team this year…… I hope Gary and Leah have a great time in the Caribbean…. see you all in 2012!

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