The 3 Principles

Pilgrims English Language Courses are based on 3 principles:

1) Have a lot of fun.

TeacherWe have so many different activities, changing throughout the 2 or 3 week course.  We have sports and arts that encourage the students to speak English whilst increasing their vocabulary in a variety of cultural experiences.  Some of these are done at the school or college they stay at, and others are done by going out to towns and cities, including a trip to London on all courses! 

2) Make a lot of friends.

Many of our courses offer rooms where our students share with another student from another nationality.  This gives them a chance to make at least one new friend immediately, and also start speaking English from the moment they leave their bags in their room.  At each Pilgrims centre, we run a theme to encourage the students to become more involved in the activities.  Each of them is put in a team, where the nationalities are again split up, so that during activities they will communicate in a common language, in our case, English!

 3) Speak lots of English.

This one is linked with the other two principles we have on Pilgrims Young Learners courses. By speaking lots of English, it makes it so much easier to make friends with other students from all over the world, and then gives everyone a greater opportunity to have fun as well! Students are given 15 hours of English a week but our integrated day means that they are subconsciously learning and studying for the majority of the day. 

If you have any memories you want to share with us about the Pilgrims courses you have been on, either as a member of staff or as a student, get in touch with us at

One love, one language, may the WOW be with you all, until the next time!

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