My favourite memories of Pilgrims

WOW! The year has flown by and we caught up with Daniel, from Switzerland, who visited Pilgrims on the Bradfield Juniors course last year (2010, House of Horrors).  We talked to him and asked him the all important question… ‘Are you coming back?’

So Daniel, which course are you attending this year? I have graduated up to the Bradfield Seniors course.

 Why do you enjoy Pilgrims so much? All of the programme was very interesting and funny; time flew by so very fast.

How do you keep in touch with friends from other countries?  Thanks to Facebook at

What makes England a good place to come to stay? It is not far away from Geneva. There are also beautiful landscapes and there is a great international atmosphere.

If someone said to you, to describe Pilgrims in 3 words, what would those 3 words be? Fantastic, magic, unforgettable.

What makes the teachers at Pilgrims so good? They all motivate us for learning in lessons all through the day, with good humour as well.

Thank you, Daniel, we are so glad that you enjoyed your stay in 2010; we hope to catch up with you in July when you head over to Bradfield Seniors for another great year at Pilgrims!

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