From Student to Staff Member!

Hi Guys it’s Chris Owen,

You might remember me as a fellow student on one of your courses, Sponge Bob Square Pants at the University of Kent or even the great Tuck Man at Kent College Pembury! I would like to tell you about my experiences as a student and as teacher at Pilgrims.

Being a student on 5 Pilgrims courses was an amazing experience, every time! My favourite activity was definitely challenge night.  Throwing eggs, marshmallows and flour around and playing those crazy games was so much fun!

I know some of you might ask the question “Why would an English boy want to be a student on a intensive English course?” My answer to you would be that over the last few years I have made more international friends than any I know here in England, and that is just one of the great benefits of Pilgrims.

I can honestly say that I have loved every second of every Pilgrims course I have been on, and do you know why? Because of all the amazing opportunities which are made available to you as a student; all the sporting activities, trips to theme parks, “WOW-tastic” days out to cities in the UK and most important of all, the awesome programme on each course.

So of course after all that, I almost didn’t want to grow up because going to Pilgrims as a student was so amazing. However time did pass and I got the opportunity to work for Pilgrims as… yes, you’ve guessed it: a TEACHER! WOW!

Being a teacher at Pilgrims over the last 4 years has been equally amazing! The satisfaction of seeing students learn English, make lots of friends and have lots of fun is truly excellent.  The thing I enjoy the most being a teacher is teaching English through the afternoon and evening activities. We give students the time and opportunity to practice the English they have learnt in their morning lessons, which is truly brilliant.

Finally I think what brings me back every year as a teacher has got to be the “Pilgrims bubble”.  It is difficult to describe this bubble until you have actually been in it yourself but once you are in, you never want to leave… Colleagues and students feel like one big family which you have known for years and saying goodbye always brings a tear to my eye.  Pilgrims really is an amazing experience.


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