How the Pilgrims Integrated Day works for you

Did you know that Pilgrims is famous all around the world for having great teachers, amazing courses and a very special method of teaching English in a fun and effective way?

We call it the “Pilgrims Integrated Day”. Every part of every day on our courses is designed so that students actively learn new vocabulary whilst speaking English all day, as well as developing their confidence and independence.

If you haven’t been on a Pilgrims course yet, here’s what a typical day looks like:


You’ll notice the word “English” is there a lot… And that’s because English is not just for lesson time, it really is in every part of the day!

That doesn’t mean that your English must be good for you to have a good time though, because every morning you will be taught everything you need to know for the daily activities and more during your lessons.

The classes are split so that students of similar levels will learn together and help each other everyday. They are also split to ensure a good mix of nationalities, ages and sexes. We have found that this is an important part of the perfect recipe for a complete English-learning experience.

Another important aspect is that English has to be all around at all times of the day. So it will be the first thing you hear when a teacher wakes you up in the morning and asks you “how did you sleep?” and the last thing when you say “good night” to your international friends.

We are lucky to have so many great students from all over the world every year and they all definitely agree that Pilgrims is great fun, because everyone really does participate in all of the activities. So believe us, when you come to Pilgrims, you will be having fun speaking to everyone using any English you already know and all of the English you learn in your lessons everyday!

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